Exciting Plot

Sex Registrant

How I Ended Up On the Sex Offender Registry—for Life


Words and Music By Dennis Sobin

Exciting Plot


The story begins when Sobin emerges from jail and reports to his probation officer, who greets him with an icy friendship and a frozen smile. The probation officer’s only saving grace is that he can sing and dance, which he proceeds to do as Sobin recounts his story of injustice.


Sobin, after “amusing” the probation officer, is sent “across the hall” to be interviewed and photographed, complete with horns on his head, by the probation agency’s sex registration official. Unlike the probation officer, the registration official does not feign friendliness or an obsequiously kindly attitude. She hates her job and hates people like Sobin who make it as labor intensive as it is.


With many comical turns and twists, and much musical mirth and merriment, Sobin’s story unfolds. Except for the composite characters, it's a true story that the media have already told in exonerating Sobin, including the definitive article below by distinguished author Paul Krassner who independently researched and verified the injustice done to Sobin. (For a larger copy of the story, click here.) Also, below the story is a legal affirmation of Sobin's innocence.

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