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How I Ended Up On the Sex Offender Registry—for Life


Words and Music By Dennis Sobin

Dennis Sobin Trivia


Why does Sobin consider the day he was born significant?


On that day, October 14, 1943, an uprising took place at a Nazi death camp, freeing 500 of the 1000 inmates there. While only 50 of those who escaped made it through hostile territory and survived the war, none of them would have survived had they remained inside. The name of the death camp was Sobibor, a name that is remarkably similar to the name Sobin. While that’s undoubtedly pure coincidence, Sobin places much significance on it. (The photo below shows Sobin a few months old with his Jewish father and grandfather while the war still raged. His mother was Italian, as was his grandmother who raised him while mom taught public school.)


When he is not writing plays or music, what does Sobin do with his time?

He leads various activist causes in the tradition of the Sobin family. That may be a desire for justice, or pure publicity which he has received in abundance. For more about the Sobins, visit


Why doesn’t Sobin go to greater lengths to please people? 

Ask him this question and he gives a long answer about ideals being sacred, principles being important, the world being in need of independent thinkers, and other clichés. The truth is he probably doesn’t know how.


Sobin Wrote several books. What are their titles and are they any good? 

Sorry, like so many people these days who prefer Netflix and gaming to books, we never read them. But we invite you to download and peruse them for free at


Does Sobin believe that the five years he was employed by the government as a young man was really real work experience?  



When Sobin was growing up, did he experience parental abuse at the hands of his career oriented, dominating mother or happy-go-lucky, spendthrift father? 

Sobin says, “There may have been a little, but it was almost certainly mutual.”


Sobin often brags that Johnny Barnes, the head of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in Washington, DC, has a picture of Sobin on the wall of his office. True or false? 

True but it’s not a very flattering picture of Sobin. In fact it’s a photo him behind bars.


What is the real reason why Sobin’s oldest son disowned him? 

To answer this question, we would have to slander either the father or the son, and our lawyer has advised us to do neither. Let’s just say that an apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and that doesn’t say much for either.


Why does Sobin periodically run for public office when he has been rounded rejected by the electorate? 

Some say he’s a sadly disillusioned idealist while others call him a fully enlightened masochist.


Did Sobin cheat his way through college and graduate school in order to get his degrees? 

There is no evidence one way or the other. When Sobin is asked the embarrassing question directly, he will only answer by quoting President Clinton who said when faced with the Monica Lewinsky Gap-dress stain accusation: “I never had sex with that woman.”


Is Sobin straight, gay or bisexual? 

He considers himself “try-sexual” as he wishes to leave all options open before he finally hangs up his spurs?


Did Sobin really march with Martin Luther King Jr. or have a private in-person conversation with Bobby Kennedy? 

He indeed marched with King but not in the way most people imagine. King was the keynote speaker for Sobin’s college graduation at Hofstra University and he participate with Sobin and the hundreds of other graduates in the traditional procession march. About Bobby Kennedy, Sobin in 1964 attended a political forum in Garden City, New York, where Kennedy spoke. They both left together early and found themselves together alone on a deserted street corner as they waited for their separate rides. If Kennedy was bored with Sobin’s inane comments as a 21-year old political novice, he didn’t show it, or perhaps didn’t want to step off the curb to avoid Sobin and risk getting killed.


How could Sobin learn to read and write music if he spent so much time in jail? 

Precisely because he spent so much time there, where he had little else to do save for mental masturbation (ie, reading books) and studying music.


Did Sobin authorize this trivia page? 

He authorized us to say that he did not.


Is Dennis Sobin a real person? 

There is considerable debate about this question, similar to the doubt that hangs over the flesh-and-blood makeup of the Muppets. Sobin himself responds with an emphatic “Maybe!”

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