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Sex Registrant

How I Ended Up On the Sex Offender Registry—for Life


Words and Music By Dennis Sobin

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Currently on this website, we are featuring the autobiographical play by award-winning activist, author and playwright Dennis Sobin entitled Sex Registrant: How I Ended Up on the Sex Offender Registry—for Life. Based on a true story, this is a side-splitting (and taboo challenging) musical comedy that deals with Sobin’s actual experiences with the Sex Registry. A longtime activist with many admirers and awards to his credit, Sobin was prosecuted in a rural Southern community by an ignorant jury that feared Northerners in general and activists like Sobin in particular. Despite no tangible evidence presented, save for Sobin’s reputation as a person who fought for the rights of minorities, including sexual minorities, Sobin was convicted of helping to produce an offensive video that no one saw and in fact never actually existed.


When the smoke and mirrors of ambitious prosecutor Robert Attridge cleared (with facist follow-up by Janese Bechtol and Ari Benjamin Redbord), Sobin went to prison and his name was permanently entered on the rolls of the Sex Offender Registry. While away in prison Sobin’s son Darrin Sobin himself became a government attorney. Rather than help his father, he conspired with Sobin’s sister Judy Sobin, a real estate agent, to steal Sobin’s assets and cheat him out of his inheritance.


The play Sex Registrant takes a light but incisive look at the entire episode. Where words failed the playwright, he wrote songs to express his feelings. If you like to think while you laugh, you will love this play. If you don’t believe a major injustice can be turned around so that a person triumphs in the end, think again. After you have seen Sex Registrant, you will be a firm believer that love and laughter can truly conquer all. Please visit the various pages on this website for a sneak peak at the plot, characters and video footage of the songs (performed by the composer himself) of Sex Registrant: How I Ended Up on the Sex Offender Registry—for Life.


For information on bringing this unique play to your community, please contact Staff@PrisonsFoundation.org.

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